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Broken neck on this Gibson 335  was repaired by manufacturing an insert instead of replacing the whole neck . The owner wanted to keep the original neck on the guitar.  The color was matched to the original color and the binding was yellowed to match the aging of the original neck binding.

This Gibson LP is owned by John Nymann of Y&T.  The head stock was severed completely and was someone once unsuccessfully attempted to repair it. I preserved as much of the original head stock as I could. Routed the neck and manufactured an insert preserving half of the original head stock the original Gibson logo and serial number.

This Gibson head stock was severely cracked. If the cracked head stock had been glue the integrity of the glued joint would have been weak. I routed the head stock and created an insert and stamped the serial number in the original position.

This Martin was repaired similar t the Gibson LP above. But was far more difficult to do because of the diamond feature.