Our guitar nuts, in most peoples opinion, is the most important part of any guitar, We hand make them to insure the nut is crafted to fit the guitar the way it should be. No pre manufactured nuts where it may be hit or miss on the way the it fits and sets the action of the guitar.  Unless you have the proper tools and knowledge to manufacture a nut and to set the action, it would be wise to let an expert do this work.  Because, once the "nut is blown" it's back to step one! If you're replacing a conventional nut with an LSR Roller Nut additional fingerboard material needs to be removed. Any mistake here could be a costly one. It must be done precisely!  Another installation best left to the experts.  We will hand manufacture a nut, the material of your choice, install it, set the action to your specifications, and recheck the intonation of any guitar we replace the nut on.

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