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Neck Reset / Replace

This guitars neck was pulled forward from the string tension which made the string action very high.  The neck was reset to have a one degree back angle to compensate for the strings pulling the neck upward and forward. This guitar has no truss rod.

Neck replacement or replacement neck either way the necks at Bisceglia Guitars are hand crafted.  Wether you want us to replace your guitars neck or you just want a neck hand constructed to your specs you will get a neck that is personalized for you.  No pre-constructed dimensions that can't be changed that you're just OK with because that's all that was available. Tell us what you want and that's what you'll get. From ordering with custom neck profiles, no tuners, or no finger board to a complete neck with a finish of your choice you'll get a neck that fits your needs and your playing style.

Neck Reset