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Trussrod Adjustment

As everyone knows this isn't an adjustment anyone should attempt. So, if you don't feel comfortable doing this adjustment you should definitely let an expert do it. Any miss calculations in making this adjustment will damage the guitar, in most cases, to the point it would cause extremely expensive repairs.  Even the experts could cause irreversible damage if not very careful.  It's a rare case that this happens if the truss rod adjustment is done correctly and with care.  At Bisceglia Guitars we take the utmost care in making  this adjustment and will under no circumstance negligently cause damage to the instrument. Unfortunately this is an adjustment  Bisceglila Guitars can not take responsibility for if damage occurs after the customers approval for setting neck relief. If you feel as though this is an adjustment you would like to attempt yourself please see our free information page for instructions on how to adjust the truss rod HERE.