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String Action

String action at Bisceglia Guitars is done with extreme precision. We don't use feeler gauges where any deflection of the string is difficult to see when taking the measurement or any small gaps that get over looked because the gage got inserted in at an angle when taking the measurement. Nor do we use etched gages that are difficult to read. Because the etchings a so small and so difficult to read there's a good chance the measurement that was observed will be incorrect.

Instead, we use a precision instrument that gives a precise measurement every time to .001 (one thousandth) of an inch. Measuring using this method give you the precise measurement you need for perfect action.  In turn, this gives you an instrument that precisely meet your expectations and that plays the way you would expect it to.

To meet the objective of this adjustment, there is the possibility the instrument may need the nut replaced to meet your string action requirements.  If it's determined the nut needs replacing a 10% discount on the nut replacement cost will be given.  Please see Nut Replacement.