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Generally a complete refretting job should be done when more than a few frets need replacing. When the ware is to a point the guitar can't be adjusted to avoid fret buzz. Actually you wouldn't want to get that point because additional damage to the fret board could happen. Additional expenses could include replacing the nut, bridge, or repair to the fret board due to damage caused by excessive ware of the frets on the fret board. Depending on the ware of the frets action my not be able to be determined. So setting the action will be determined by consulting with the owner and player of the instrument. A complete refret includes a complete setup to the players specifications, including intonation.*

*We can not assume responsibility for any damage to the nubs of a fret board if the owner wants to preserve the nubs. Nubs can be replaced if damaged although there may be  some tonal color differences and may not match the original binding perfectly depending on the material available at the time. Every precaution will be taken to preserve the originality of the instrument.