"I met George about 10 years ago through my brother-in-law. Quickly we became buddies and one of the first things I learned about him was his passion and talent for fine woodworking. Having been an amateur woodworker and tinkerer myself, I was immediately struck by the quality of the work, amazing attention to detail, and completely professional approach he had to all of his projects.

As we became better friends, George was struck with the idea of making a guitar for me. I was flattered, but also concerned because I knew that making guitars was such a completely different and complicated process and wondered if he knew what he was getting in to. Of course I should have known better to have worried because the thing about George is that when he goes for a project, he heads in with all guns firing, becoming a walking dictionary about whatever he tackles before he makes his first move.. The result of his painstaking research, and artistry with woodworking, made for a resounding success from the very first instrument he constructed. As I took his guitar all over the world it became apparent just how how great of a job he had done as a luthier. Not only did it become an immediate success with the Y&T fans, I also used it as my main guitar for my first live DVD recorded in Europe. Over the years, this guitar has become one of my favorite to play, out of the many guitars I have to choose from. It is also the first I reach for whenever I have a recording project because the guitar makes me a better player with the precise action and amazing depth of deep rhythmic sounds and searing lead tones.

Since then George has cemented himself as a maker of fine instruments, Now George has developed his first chambered proprietary constructed  guitar - the Ashcourt. I personally had the chance to audition this guitar and it is right in line with all the other fine instruments that he has put his signature "attention to detail" on. Great looking design, easy to play, and beautiful rich tones. In my opinion, any guitar you consider buying with George Bisceglia's artistry attached would be worthy of the handmade excellence one would expect from a world class instrument maker."

- Dave Meniketti  Y&T

" I have had the pleasure of working with Y&T over the past 6 plus years and even more of a pleasure mixing such a great sounding band much to the thanks of the Bisceglia guitars they play.  They can be heard on the Facemelter and Live at the Mystic CDs as well as felt when you see them live.  Both Dave Meniketti and John Nymann are brilliant guitar players and with these guitars they shine even brighter. "

-Shine On..

Engineer/Producer - Tom Size

"What I love about Bisceglia is his attention to detail, from his pick-up matching to his immaculate finishes. These guitars look and feel quality, but most of all they get Big Fat Tone!"

I love the feel and the tone of the Ashcourt. Thanks for letting me use it on Y&T Facemelter cd. Don't come pick it up anytime soon...Ha ha! Possession is 9/10th's of the law. You know I want this guitar. All kidding aside, this guitar is a real monster and is very versatile. Great for live and recording.

John now owns this guitar and plays it almost exclusively on tour!

- John Nyman - rhythm and lead guitar for Y&T  -  Also played with The Greg Kihn Band and Eric Martin of Mr.Big.

"The craftsmanship of this Bisceglia guitar is amazing! The finish is impeccable and the guitar feels nice and balanced. The neck is also easy to play down to the 21 fret. Even when unplugged, it's tone is warm and smooth. Electrically, it's sound varies due to the versatile Seymour Duncan P-Rail pickups. From a bluesy single coil tone, to a sweet and jazzy soup-bar tone, to a full-and-chunky humbucker tone - this guitar is a beautiful chameleon of sounds! This Bisceglia guitar is a high-quality tone-machine perfect for playing jazz, blues and even rock."

- Greg Mayfield - Bad Monkey

New European date ; Helsinki (FIN)

George Bisceglia gives addtional info

Posted on 7 June 2011    by dutchyandtfanpages

George Bisceglia;

“Just want to set the record straight. The guitars used to record “I’m Coming Home” on Y&T’s Facemelter CD are the Bisceglia LP I built for Dave and John used the Bisceglia AshCourt not the Gibson and Fender Strat that Dave and John are playing in the Video.

Check it out: http://www.biscegliaguitars.com/Y&T%20Facemelter%20Page.html

Like I said, Just setting the record straight.”

Here’s Dave’s reaction:

“That is correct. I used my Les Paul in the vid because it’s my old standard that most fans recognize, as did John. The Bisceglia guitars we used are all over the new Facemelter CD and for good reason – they were the best sounding guitars for most songs. Definitely a testament to Georges craftsmanship.”

Hi George, I wanted to let you know that I checked this out, and I'm really proud to have been a part of helping getting the word out about your great products. That guitar was exceptional, one of those instruments that I played and felt like, "man, I really need to be better player." :P Moments of self-realization from a great piece of gear don't come along that often, and the AshCourt was one of those.

Keep up the great work, and if you have anything else coming out in the future, please let us know! It was an honor, sir.

Jordan Wagner  - Premier Guitar Magazine

Biscaglia 003

A review of the Dave Meniketti signature Les Paul

I have always considered myself to be a tone chaser in the vein of Edward Van Halen, therefore my collection of guitars has been based not so much on appearance but on tone quality. That is not to say the guitars I own are not pretty, but looks are not the reason I chose them. I am often looking for the most bang for my buck. My collection of over 20 guitars is full of fine quality guitars from Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, Ibanez and Kramer. In November of 2005, I heard a guitar that I just had to have. Dave Meniketti was playing it in Petaluma, California. The guitar looked like a beautiful 1957 Gibson Les Paul. It was strikingly pretty with a mild cherry burst paint job, more timeless then the gaudy finishes done by Gibson. Dave proclaimed the guitar was custom made by George Bisceglia, a close friend of his.  Grabbing the opportunity to get one of these fine handmade guitars, I introduced myself to George and we struck up a deal that he would make me a custom Dave Meniketti signature guitar.  The guitar was completed in early 2008 and was presented to me at Y&T’s inaugural show at the Fillmore in San Francisco, California. Dave actually played the guitar on stage, signed the guitar prior to painting it and the headstock bears his name. Having only seen the guitar in pictures I was taken immediately by its beauty and immaculate attention to detail from the choice of wood to the perfect inlays to the banding and quantity parts and pickups. This guitar is a work of art, but like a Stradivarius violin, the beauty is far more than aesthetic. The true beauty is in the tone and the playability of this fine instrument; it simply sings. The only limit to the tone of this guitar is the player himself!  I have allowed over 50 professional musicians to play Biscaglia 003 and the consensus is unanimous: this is the finest guitar they have ever played.  Even Dave Meniketti said, “Just played the guitar through my rig a few minutes ago and let me tell you this guitar smokes every guitar I have as far as level, tone and sustain. ‘Chunky’ is the appropriate word here. Should fill the bill quite nicely, I'd say.”

In closing I would have to say any guitar built by George Bisceglia is well worth owning regardless of price. If you are a pro, don’t hesitate to buy your Bisceglia before they are tens of thousands of dollars, which they will be in the not too distant future.

Keep Rockin   The Dude       thedude@theguitargods.com

- Lance Granum

From Stereo Steve:

 Awesome!  (in reference to Premier Guitar Magazines review of the Bisceglia / AshCourt Guitar.)

"A man skilled in his craft will serve before kings". With how well you build guitars and to see your skills recognized so positively, I bet you will have lines out your door and down the street. Or at least the internet equivelant as it goes nowadays. Congratulations on the recognition.



"When I first played the AshCourt I knew that guitar was one of a kind because the way it felt in my hands, very solid, giving you the confidence you feel when you drive a German expensive car. The sound was fat and the tone very pleasant!"

Hedras Ramos Sr.

Audio 7 Productions


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Weekdays 9am - 6pm PST

George did an amazing job re-fretting my new American Standard Stratocaster.  I was having a rough time playing with the original frets and wanted 6105 frets to compliment my playing style. Re-frets are always a challenge, but even more so with a maple fret board.

When I got the guitar back, I was completely floored....not only did the fret board look new, it looked better than new.  The frets now play so smoothly, and bends are effortless.  The minor details are what really matter, and you can see the care George puts in his work,

from the expert crowning, to the perfectly filed fret ends.  Even the finish on the fret board is better than before.

George also worked on fixing my Parts-o-caster.  This guitar was a complete disaster, as the electronics were not properly installed and the neck angle was way off.  George quickly diagnosed the neck angle issue and had the electronics back up and running very quickly.

George takes great pride in his work, and is an expert craftsman.  I would trust any guitar in George's hands.

Matt Agresta

Bad Monkey

"When I asked George to build me a guitar, I was hoping it would be a backup to my main guitar but after playing George's, it quickly became my main guitar! I started the night with it at every show we did for the 2014 BOSTON Tour."

Gary Pihl - guitarist with the band BOSTON

Dave Meniketti

John Nymann

Gary Pihl

Tom Size

Greg Mayfield

Matt Agresta